Speaker Topics
Diane is available to provide presentations and professional development on:
  • Differentiation
  • Gifted & Talented Learners
  • New Grading Paradigms
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Academic Underachievement


Diane designs comprehensive plans reflecting research on effective professional development. Centered on student learning, integrated with school improvement, and designed for active sustained professional growth; these plans provide professional learning opportunities that improve instruction and student achievement.

In addition, Diane works with schools or districts to collect and/or analyze data on classroom practices and educational services. She uses this data in collaboratively designing, implementing or invigorating services, practices or programs. Her expertise in best practices in teaching and learning enables her to work with leadership and teachers in embedding school initiatives into classroom practice.
Consulting services are able to be provided in single sessions or more comprehensively addressed in several visits over a year or multiple years. Diane will meet directly with teachers and school leaders and/or use technology such as Skype or Wimba.